How much interest does a structured settlement earn?

The internal rate of return for many structured settlement payments is quite attractive in today's market; rates above 4% are quite common (although, in particular, it's not a huge spread relative to comparable long-term bond yields). John Darer, a respected structured settlement consultant in Connecticut who writes the industry's “Watchdog” blog, has chronicled examples of people who took large sums of money after an accident settlement only to see it all go away because of family and friends with their hands open for loans that they were never reimbursed. Structured agreements are voluntary, which means that both the plaintiff and the defendant have to agree. While many payment buyers won't charge you a direct fee, they will purchase your monthly payments at what's known as the discount rate.

Eliminating debt or using money from withdrawing a structured settlement to cover the costs of major living expenses, rather than borrowing or using credit cards, can give you peace of mind. Also, consider whether a structured settlement is the best solution to meet your short- and long-term financial needs rather than receiving a lump-sum payment. You can find the current value of your structured settlement using a formula or a table of current values. Settlement buyers pay a discount rate for their monthly settlement payments, which means that you won't pocket as much money through a cash out plan as you would if you received payments over time as scheduled.

If you have significant debt, a structured settlement withdrawal can provide you with the necessary funds to help pay off outstanding balances and get you back on track immediately. Always remember that your structured settlement was designed to protect your financial well-being and that of your dependents. Before you withdraw your structured settlement, consider the price you'll pay and some of the other drawbacks. Even though you're collecting your structured settlement, it still takes a little time to get the cash.

Annuity contracts are sold by insurance companies and, in addition to structured settlements, can also be used to generate additional income streams during retirement. When a structured settlement is established, payments are often made through an annuity purchased on behalf of the payee and managed by an insurance company. If you want to have real control over your finances, you need to know the current value of your structured settlement or annuity payments. Arnold observes: “Because structured payments are insured and guaranteed, the ups and downs of the stock market will not affect your payments.

Theo is smart to pose this question before these agreements are final, since federal rules offer significant tax benefits to injury victims, but only if certain steps are taken before the final agreement.

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